Do aliens exist? A hope is found.

“Do aliens exist?” a common question to many people and even to many scientists.Scientists  are searching heart and soul to find the answer of the question “Do aliens exist?” by finding life  at least in a planet. Perhaps there is something very interesting found by them which can answer the question “Do aliens exist” and showing a hope that aliens may exist in our solar system.

Scientists have recently discovered something which make them to hope life near around the planet Saturn and Jupiter and because of this discovery they are hoping that they will soon be able to find answer of the question “Do aliens exist?”. A Nasa spacecraft has detected oxygen around one of Saturn’s icy moons, Dione. This discovery suggest that the planets Saturn and Jupiter might have oxygen around them. The study has been published in Geophysical Research Letters.

Environment is a important factor in forming life.Life in our planet is due to our structure of environment and the elements of environment.Oxygen is among the most important elements responsible for forming life on earth.So,scientists hope that Oxygen exist there also could aliens exist.This is why they are hoping they are near to answer the question “Do aliens exist”.

Even though Oxygen is found in Dione,it does not give the answer of the question “Do aliens exist”.Even there is barely any possibility that could aliens exist there.According to co-author Andrew Coates of University College London, Dione is not suitable for aliens exist because it has no liquid water. But this is not the end of all hope to answer the question “Do aliens exist” because there are other moons orbiting Saturn and Jupiter.Many of this moons of Saturn and Jupiter  contains liquid water. and even some of the other moons have liquid oceans and so it is worth looking more closely at them for signs of aliens exist and having the answer of the question “Do aliens exist?”.Because with the invention of Oxygen in Dione suggest that there is a possibility of being Oxygent in other

Do aliens exist?A hope is found.

Do aliens exist?A hope is found.

unmanned probe detected a thin layer of oxygen around the moon, so thin that scientists prefer to call it an “exosphere” rather than an atmosphere.And this discovery made us one step closer to answer the question “Do aliens exist?“.

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