Do aliens exist in planets far from stars ?

Scientists recently have developed a computer model to answer the question  “do aliens exist ?”  in planets too near or far from it’s parent  star.  There computer model suggests that there is a possibility of life or we could say may aliens exist  in a large number of planets . This suggestion is made because according to that computer model there is more habitant planets (planets having suitable environment for life) in our universe than what was previously thought and there is a large possibility that life or aliens existing there.

To find the answer of the question  “Do aliens exist?” scientists always  counts all the planets having environment like earth or environmental elements like earth which are responsible for life in our earth . For that reason scientists always make search for planets having water or Oxygen. Where water or Oxygen can exist ,there is a possibility that there can also life or aliens exist. And planets having flowing surface water is more suitable for life or aliens existence then any other. This why planets having surface water are counted as habitant planate where may life or we can say aliens exist.

Planets too near to their parent stars do not have surface water, because of the high temperature. Sur face water becomes vapor at that high temperature. So there is less possibility that life or aliens existence there. Again planets too far from the sun also can not posses surface water because of too low temperature. Surface water becomes ice at that low temperature.

So for life or aliens existence planets must be in the habitant zone. But the new model suggest something different. For the planets too far from it’s parent stars, there is less possibility of having surface water. But these planets could have water flowing under the surface. A planet has two sources of heat, one from the it’s star another it’s internal temperature. If it’s internal temperature is too high there is a possibility of flowing water under the surface of that planet even that is too far from its star.

Now, the question is Do aliens exist in those planets or is there any possibility of life or aliens existence there. The answer is, yes

Do aliens exist?

Do aliens exist?

As the researcher of this research , PhD student from   Aberdeen University  Sean McMahon supported and made statement about these research to BBC.

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