Do aliens exist, which is silicon based life form

"Do aliens exist, which is silicon based life form"

Do aliens exist, which is silicon based life form

From a long time scientists are trying to find the answer of the question “Do aliens exist?”. For the answer of this question “Do aliens exist ” scientists are searching through different ways . Their methods for the answer of question  “Do aliens exist” is based on different criteria . Most scientists take our environment  as the base of their theory about “Do aliens exist”. This is why they always search for planets or super earth like earth for existence of harbor life or they search elements responsible for life in this planet. For  examplw

"Do aliens exist, which is silicon based life form "

Do aliens exist, which is silicon based life form. Dr. Maggie

Alderin for the possibility of life in different planets scientists always counts on those planets having environment like earth, or having running surface water , or temperature like earth, or availability of Oxygen in the environment, or availability of carbohydrate in the environment. But most of the time possibility of life form different than ours is ignored. So, this is why scientists do not try to answer the question “Do aliens exist ” in different way.



But some scientists have different point of view. They try to answer the question “Do aliens exist” in a different way. Dr. Maggie Alderin-Pocock  , a British space scientist is one of them. Dr. Maggie Alderin-Pocock is a leading scientist at European space company Astrium. Her approach of answering the question “Do aliens exist” is different than previous group of scientists.

According to her opinion, aliens existence in different planet is possible, which don’t even have environment like earth. This alien life form could be look like jellyfish. Jelly fish that float in their sky having clouds of methane. They have their chemical based food from there.

According to her opinion we generally try to answer the question “Do aliens exist” by taking count whatever we see around us. In earth we see that life needs water and is carbon based. So we always try to answer the question “Do aliens exist” by taking that count and search water and carbon based compound in different planets. But the answer of “Do aliens exist” can be searched in a different way. Silicon is just below carbon in periodic table and has many chemical similarities. Silicon is also widely available in our universe. So perhaps there could be life in the space having silicon based DNA, or that life form do not have DNA at all. They are just Silicon based life. Their environment could be fully different than earth. Even they could die in earth. Similarities between silicon and carbon supporting that theory of answering the question “Do aliens exist”.

Based on latest discoveries of planets of space she believes that at least four extraterrestrial intelligent life form exist in our galaxy milky way. But there is hardly any possibility that we will ever meet them. The Voyager one, which is caring greetings from earth in different language, has been travelling in space since 1970 and just become able to get to the end of our solar system. It will take more than 76000 years for it to reach our closest solar system. So, there is hardly any chance that is will meet any life form in earth.

Her alien picture and accompanying article form part of a free e-book commissioned to mark the launch of Eden’s Science Month.

Content source: The Telegraph 

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