New inventions 2012 in science: Future phones evolution

A team of scientists at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science of Technology) has made the researchers about this new inventions 2012 in science and about this invention of future they write in a paper   published in the Angewandte Chemie, A German journal.According to  that touch screen technology can be used to detect bi-molecular matter, just as is done in medical tests for detecting different medical terms for determining different disease or other medical stuffs, which perhaps will be proven a hilarious invention, as well as an invention for future.

"Future phones"

Future phones

The touch screens on smartphones, PDAs or other electronic devices work when we touch them. They sense the electronic charges from the user’s body on the screen and then work.According to this new inventions 2012 in science  news,  Biochemical such as proteins and DNA molecules also carry specific electronic charges. This Biochemicals   can also be detected as like as electronic charges what touch screens sense when we touch them, This new inventions 2012 in science has the possibility of being an hilarious invention in future.

"Future technology"

Future technology – future phones

According to that new inventions 2012 in science news by KAIST, the researchers showed that touch screens can recognize the existence of DNA molecules when it placed on them, which is perhaps a first step towards one day in future we will be able to use the screens,that will be carry out our medical tests,will detect our disease and will recognize us when we will touch them.  by recognizing our individual DNA biochemicals then our cell phone will be able to perform all of this task.So it can be said This new inventions 2012 in science  will surely be a most useful invention in future. Researchers  is currently trying to develop a type of film with reactive materials that can identify specific biochemical, hoping that this will be the ultimate step to develop that hilarious invention,which will  allow the touch screens to  recognize different bi-molecular materials,and we will have our that invention for future.Think that  won’t be that be a hilarious invention,when our smartphones recognizing us when we are touching them,telling us about health problems in our body and saving our money and time from different tests and doctors.This new inventions 2012 in science surely has the possibility of being an hilarious invention in future.

"smart technologies"

Smart technologies : future phones

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