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"smart technologies"

In future, smart technologies will be available that will be able to detect information about your health just by smelling. This future technology could be smart computers or  phones or other devices. Future technology will smell one day, this is one of the five future predictions of IBM 5 in 5 article.

According to that future technology prediction, within next five years smart technologies will be able to smell. Smart computers or smart phones will be able to tell one that he or she is going to catch cold even before his or her first sneeze. This will be possible because by smelling that future technology will be able to detect your physical condition before your realization you are going to be sick.

"smart technologies"

Smart technologies : Future technology will smell.

With every breath ,we millions of different molecules expelled by us. Some of this molecules are Biomarkers. This kind of Biomarkers contains data about our current physical condition at any given time. This kind of future technology will be able to detect that Biomarkers and extract data about our health from them.

Computers are developing day by day. Computers are increasingly being able to learn from their successes and mistakes, are being able to process unstructured data , are being able to draw conclusion based on evidence. One day will come when smart computers will be able to sense too.

According to that future technology news, sensors that will smell will be integrated into cell phones or other mobile devices. This sensors will collect information from expelled Biomarkers from our breath. Smart computers will collect that data from them and process them and analyze them to get information about our health.
This kind of future technology is not only a prediction. Now a days we are using breathalyzer to detect alcohol from a breath sample. This kinds of future technology will work like breathalyzer. But this kinds of future technology will be able to detect far more things from our breath. This kinds of future technology will be able to identify liver and kidney disorders, diabetes and tuberculosis, and many other things. IBM researchers is already demonstrated a number of examples of this kind of sensors in their lab. This sensors are relatively simple sensing systems, that  can measure biomarkers down to a single molecule. Computers of that future technology  will be able to constantly learn, as well as combine new and old information from a number of sources. For this reasons, new generations of smart computers are required .

If this prediction of future technology come true that will surely change our life.

Content source: http://ibmresearchnews.blogspot.com/2012/12/ibm-5-in-5-2012-smell.html


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