New gyrocopter CavalonA newest edition of gyrocopter has arrived in the market. It has fully enclosed cockpit and high performance facilities. It is cheap to run, has small footprint, and has a powered pusher propeller in addition to an unpowered main rotor like other gyrocopter.
A gyrocopter is a type of small aircraft. It has smaller footprint than other air vehicles  such as helicopter ,airplane etc. To maintain this smaller footprint it has  low speed and different designing method  than other air vehicles, so those things  give it stability in the air. As it mentioned, gyrocopter uses different designing pattern than other air vehicles. Generally to develop lift  it uses a unpowered rotor in autorotation  .Autorotation is a state of flight, where the main rotor  system of a air vehicles like Helicopter or Gyrocopter is being turned by the action of air moving up through the rotor rather then engine power driving the rotor. So when the it is descending, because of both a freewheeling unit and curved main rotor  blades ,the main rotor is permitted mechanically  to continue turning even if the engine is not running.  This means a gyrocopter can be landed safely in the event of complete engine failure To provide thrust gyrocopter uses an engine powered propeller . A free spinning rotor which turns because of passage of air upwards the rotor is the characteristics of gyrocopter. The vertical component of the total aerodynamic reaction of the rotor gives lift and sustains the gyrocopter in the air. A separate propeller provides forward thrust ,which is responsible of movement of gyrocopter in the air. Difference between gyrocopter and helicopter is that, a helicopter works by forcing the rotor blades through the air, pushing air downwards, but  the gyrocopter rotor blade generates lift changing the angle of the air as it moves upwards and backwards relative to the rotor blade. For controlling gyrocopter there are three primary flight controls: control stick, rudder paddles, throttle. The control stick tilts the rotor in the desired direction to provide pitch and roll control. The rudder pedals provide movement of gyrocopter at both sides, and the throttle controls engine power. There are also some types of gyrocopter uses hydrogen peroxide rockets, which are placed at the tips of the rotor used  to take off and emergency landing.

The gyrocopter was first introduced at January 1923, and after that it is developing with the passage of time. The latest version of gyrocopter is Cavalon.

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