Humanoid robots : Past, present and future

Humans are the most advanced creature in the nature. And most probably humanoid robots are the most advanced creature among the man made other things.

Past of Humanoid Robots

Humanoid robots are robots that are intelligent and resembles humans. The very first intelligent robots were based on human skeletons. These are the first generation humanoid robots.

Humanoid robots

The very first version of skeleton based humanoid robots.

These devices developed keeping i mid with the handicapped / disabled people.

After the success of this type of robots scientists have moved to develop robots for performing more complicated tasks.

A first generation intelligent robot is a simple mechanical arm. These machines have the ability to make precise motions at high speed, many time and for a long time.

The first generation humanoid robots were used before 1980. These robots were capable of doing mechanical and stationery works at high speed with good precision. Use of servo mechanisms are present in these robots where as external sensors and artificial intelligence were absent.

Humanoid robots of second generation are quite advanced than the previous ones. These robots were used in between 1980-1990. These robots had tactical sensors, vision systems, position senors, pressure sensors and microcomputer controlled. These robots were also programmable.

The second generation humanoid robots can stay synced to each other but a periodic monitoring of human operator were needed.

Humanoid robot of 1980

Second Generation Humanoid Robots

Present of Humanoid Robots

Third generation of humanoid robots have started since mid 90’s. Since 1990 technology have evolved like nothing else. And so are the technology of robotics. This new and high technology intelligent robots are more mobile than before. These are autonomous and tel-operated. As the technology for artificial intelligence have reached to the new top these robots are more intelligent. These robots can recognize and synthesize speech.

personal humanoid robot

The worlds first personal humanoid robot

These humanoid robots are autonomous and these can work their own. It contains a controller and mostly it can work without any supervision. Preset roots are more like household roots. Cognitive robots can be used as home helpers, caregivers, or emergency and rescue aids.

Future of Humanoid Robots

The future or next generation humanoid robots are yet to design but it is said that they would be more human and can perform more human tasks. Examples of these might be robots that reproduce and evolve, or that incorporate biological as well as mechanical components.

Future of Humanoid Robots

A fictitious image by BBC of future Humanoid Robots

Cognitive robots can become available as office helpers or as robotic companions for guiding the blind and assisting the elderly.

Past that, we might say that a fifth-generation robot is something no one has yet designed or conceived.

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