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Now a days internet users are increasing in every minutes, so there are more pressure obviously created on internet speed. Man belongs to developing countries are crying for increase internet speed. To do so scientists are finding a way to increase internet speed as well. So increase internet speed is crying need.
The latest invention news for internet users that on October,2 a research has published in the world reputed online journal Nature communication that a team including both scientists and engineers of the University of Minnesota has invented a unique micro-scale optical device that can greatly increase internet speed of downloading information as well as it can also reduce the cost of Internet transmission .This technology of increase internet speed, uses the force which is generated by light to flop a mechanical switch of light on and off which is working at a very high speed. This invention of increase internet speed for future could lead to advances in the field of computational and digital signal processing which use light instead of electrical current operating at a higher performance which also consume low power. This latest invention of increase internet speed makes more hopefully to the technology users as well as scientists and researchers.
Mo Li, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering in the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering said,” This new device carbon copy to electromechanical relays but operates fully with light. In 2008, Mr. Li and his colleagues found that nano scale light conduits can be used to generate a strong optical force with light to mechanically move the optical waveguide through a channel in which information that carries light. But in this invention of increase internet speed, the researchers proved that this force of light is so strong that the mechanical property of the device can be dominated completely by the optical effect rather than its own mechanical structure. The effect is used to amplify optical signals without converting them into equivalent electrical signals.
Optical fibers can use many communication channels using different colors of light assigned to different channels. These different light channels do not interfere with each other which ensures the efficiency of a single optical fiber to transmit more data over very long distances of increase internet speed.
Researchers used to find out for gathering this technology of increase internet speed, two optical waveguides carrying an optical signal .This latest optical device can operates on one million times per second. Researchers are trying to convert it to a several billion times per second in which is sufficiently fast to connect radio-frequency devices directly with fiber optics for broadband communication. This latest invention news of increase internet speed spreads all over the world.

Increase Internet Speed

Increase Internet Speed

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