Mind reading tricks will be used by devices to use mind power

How it would be, when you are controlling machines by only thinking. For example, you are controlling a keyboard  or mouse or air condition by using a device which use mind reading tricks to use your mind power to control them .  Doesn’t it kind of seem like science fictions or some movie story. But it’s going to be real in near future, perhaps the day is not much far from now. We will be able to apply mind reading tricks to use mind power  to control devices, It is predicted by IBM.

Every year IBM predict five future technology that will change mankind’s life style in next five years. This prediction is made by

Mind power and mind reading tricks

Mind power and mind reading tricks

. One   of the five prediction is machine using mind reading tricks to use mind power.

According to IBM senior inventor Kevin Brown this mind reading device using mind reading tricks to use mind power will actually be a headset. Mind reading tricks used by the headset will be just detection of brain’s electrical  signals and sending them to a computer. The computer will use sophisticated software to detects those signals and then will use mind power to control devices by just telling the machine to perform particular job according to the signals. He also said this mind reading tricks of using the mind power shall be not actually reading mind because the device will not understand or interpret the signal, rather it will just detect the mind signals to use mind power.

This mind reading tricks of using mind power is just similar as voice recognizing systems are being used by a lot of devices now a days. Speech recognizing software use individuals accent, inflections, and pronunciation, where mind reading tricks used by mind reading software to use mind power are to adapt with the person’s unique thoughts.

The prediction by the IBM researchers is not a bare thinking. It is based on a technology invented recently. That technology  is a personal interference for human computer interaction. This is a  wireless neuro-headset  invented by Emotive named EPOC. Mind reading tricks used by this device to use mind power are acquisition and processing of human brain signals. This device is capable of detecting electrical signal of the brain(through electroencephalography, or EEG ) as well as muscular movements (electromyography, or EMG), both well known in the medical community.

To achieve this technology it is still required to map specific human thoughts to specific action. But after all devices using mind reading tricks to use mind power to control other devices is not very far from today.

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