Top 10 Inventions of 2014

An inventions is a unique or novel device, method, composition or process.

To change the time our world will also be changed . All of the invention will come to do some valuable things for human. New Inventions makes our life comfortable , easily to do something.It can effects in science , cultural , technology and every sector of the world.Cultural which is an innovative set of useful social behaviours adopted by people and passed on to others.

There are inventions that have changed our lives: Internet, mobile telephony, etc. All of them some are widely spread and come to our daily necessity. This are called the top of the world.The top 10 inventions of the world are —-

The Driverless (Toy) Car :

Driverless car is one of the google new inventions.The cars carry sensors and running without driver works with this sensor technology. This car will come to the market in the latest of the year .

2014 inventions Driverless Car

Driverless Toy Car

 Smart TV :

Smart TV is one of the most latest technology in modern science . It is a such type of device , that access apps, browse the web and stream internet video from the internet. They are becoming more facility , more comfortable for the human. They are also a wide range of model.


smart tv

smart tv


Smart Fridge :

Smart Firdge is also known as internet Fridge . It has been programmed to sensed what products are being put into it and helps to determine when a product needs to be replenished .

smart fridge

smart firdge

Smart Computers with smell :

                              Smart technologies will be available that will be able to detect information about your health just by smelling.Smart computers or smart phones will be able to tell one that he or she is going to catch cold even before his or her first sneeze.
"smart technologies"

Smart technologies : Future technology will smell.

 Latest invention: Flat Flexible Speaker :  

A loudspeaker, which is less than 0.25mm thick, is the latest invention in technology presented by engineers from University of Warwick.The flexible speaker works by transforming an electric signal into sound.The device is flexible and can be easily hung up a wall in an apartment or, due to its specific technique of producing sound.



Washing Machine That Doesn’t Need Water :  

British company Xeros looks forward to conquer the American market with its latest invention, a new washing system able to save a lot of water using nylon beads. New washing machine will save 1.2 billion tons of water each year, which equals 17 million swimming pools.




Eye-writer :

This device was invented to help people bound to bed communicate.It allows people with one of neuromuscular syndromes to communicate with others by writing or drawing on the screen by tracking their eye movement and converting it to lines on a display.



8. AbioCor Artificial Heart :

A group of surgeons from Louisville, Kentucky managed to implant a new-generation artificial heart in a patien. Dubbed AbioCor, the device was implanted in a man who suffered from heart failure.



 MicroMobile :

Micromobile is one the greatest inventions of moders science. The marketing and the trade believe on the internet, each and everything is made computerized and automotive where micromobile is very important in this world.



Smart Glass :

A company Vuzix from Rochester, New York, is bringing a new type of smart glass.

This smart glasses are Internet-enabled and they allow do things such as reading  email, using favorite apps, and receiving  updates from sources like Facebook or other social sites .
"smart glasses or smart eyewear devices"

smart glasses or smart eyewear devices

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